A few extracts from RISC Analysis DataBox (these links open in their own tab)

9009-22A Power S922
Power 9 19-inch 2-EIA Rack Mount System
P8 Processors
Power 8 Scale-Out Server Procs
P8 Power Supplies
Cross-Ref of Power 8 Power Supplies

Power Distribution Units
Complete ref, all RS/6000, pSeries, Power Systems
9080-M9S Power E980
Power 9 19-inch Rack Mount 2U SCU + 5U Node
9040-MR9 Power E950
Power 9 19-inch Rack Mount 4U Drawer

CCIN 5B20, 5B21 1.86TB 4K
1.86TB 4K SFF-2/SFF-3 SAS SSDs
P8 Storage Backplanes
Power 8 Scale-Out Server Storage Backplanes
Power 9 DIMMs (CUoD)
9080-M9S P9 Card Based DIMMs (CUoD)

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