Scratch Pad 1  


I often need to copy things for later reference (links, specifications, general data etc.)

Sometimes, I need to type out notes in a hurry.  Other times, I need to draft something real quick and have an easy spell check available.

This 'Scratch Pad' util is a dirt simple way of doing all of the above without having to open a separate Notepad app or Word Proc.

There are 3x html 'textarea' elements.

You can type or paste into them, resize them, or copy from them.

Any data in the text areas exists on your local PC/Laptop/Device only - not on our servers.

The text areas should retain the info until the page receives a re-load.

iOS (iPhones/iPads) use only a fraction of available memory for browser caching and sometimes reload 'dormant' pages unexpectedly.

MS-IE, MS-Edge, and iOS are also terrible for allowing textarea re-size (you have to use scroll).

FireFox needs a hard reload to purge (it retains the data on a soft (F5) reload).

copy/paste is for text only - not images.

Scratch-Pads use volatile memory only - you can't save to disk (for local security reasons).
If you want to retain data in a scratch pad, copy it to notepad or a word proc (with admin perms) and then save to disk.