RISC Analysis 'DataBox' Public Access Mode.

In the past, all data contained in RISC Analysis was only available to subscriber clients.

Typically, our subscriber clients are IBM Business Partners, Independent Professional Resellers, and Third Party Maintainers.

As of mid 2019, the online version of RISC Analysis (RISC DataBox) is now enabled for Public Access.

What this means. If you are a non subscriber, you can now access RISC DataBox for our MT-MD and FC descriptions, along with some other data related elements, without needing log-in credentials. Please note, public access mode does not expose FRUs, PNs, or IBM Commercial List Prices. These are still reserved for subscriber clients only. To use RISC DataBox in Public Access Mode, Click the RISC DataBox Link above Cancel the log-in Dialog Box Enter a FC or MT-MD, or use the QLU buttons
We are we doing this for a few reasons. First, we believe our data is often more accurate and comprehensive than many of IBM's default repositories such as SalesManual, KnowledgeCenter, or RedBooks. It is certainly quicker if you just need to review MTMD or FC descriptions.
Second, over the past few years, we've received an increasing number of emails from non-client end-users asking us to confirm MT to FC compats or to clarify various FC descriptions. Typically, these are end users who either self maintain or use the services of a TPM.
Third, public access mode includes "discrete" advertising from our affiliates and subscriber clients. Since the majority of public access users are looking for information on specific items prior to purchase, we believe that ad content in RISC DataBox is mutually beneficial for both our public access users and affiliates. Every sponsor in RISC DataBox is fully vetted and works to the highest standards.