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On-Line Only Account License Notes
On-Line only accounts can be Dedicated (specific named user) or Shared (up to 4x named users per account ID).

Fees are discounted based upon the more accounts and/or more users.

Just like the desktop version, only one user can be logged in at any given time with a specific account ID.

Each account ID supports from 1 to 4 Named Users.  We require Named Users for on-line accounts.

The reason for this is simple.
It is way too easy for someone to give out the log-in credentials to a third party, or still keep using the log-in credentials if they go work somewhere else.

By insisting on named users, we are attempting to protect not only ourselves, but also our clients.

Unlike the desktop version, which is always tied to a specific user license ID, the on-line version presents some security challenges.  Although we do not use server session cookies, we can determine if an account is in use by more than the allotted number of users.

Clients may have an unlimited number of accounts, each supporting up to 4x users.  All users must be employees of the the subscribing client.