Notes for Downloading Files

In general, one should never just click on a download link.

Although modern browsers have made doing so slightly safer, the recommended method is to Right Click the link and use your Browser's Save As option.

Using Right Click and Save As often allows you to specify the download target folder.

This is important because the default handling of an 'auto' download differs between browsers when the target file already exists.

Some will prompt for overwrite, but some will simply add a numeric to the file being downloaded.

If you are running Windows 10, this can cause permissions issues.

The RISC Analysis installer is: rsanfull.exe Right Click the above link and select 'Save As' Once the file is saved to local disk, locate the file on your drive and double click to begin the install. The installer will place the RISC Analysis icon on your desktop and install the drivers and related files.
Win 10 Users Microsoft's new 'Controlled Folder Access' (CFA) can cause issues when running an installer program. CFA is a good thing, even if it is a bit cumbersome. Please read our Win 10 Controlled Folder Access Guide, available here: Win 10 Controlled Folder Access (it contains lots of big screen shots and easy to follows directions).