About to RISC Analysis.

If you are unfamiliar with what we do, it can be summed up very simply...

We specifically focus on IBM's Mid-Range Systems.

In the past, these were AS/400 and RS/6000 Systems.  Over the years, IBM have re-badged 
and re-named these platforms as iSeries, pSeries, and more recently, 'Power Systems'.

What we do not do:
If you search the web for most IBM Mid-Range PN/FRUs or FCs, the chances are 
that the descriptions and definitions you will find are based on our original work.

Although we only provide PN/FRU data to subscriber clients, we are now making 
our database of descriptions of FCs, MT-MDs available for public access via our
RISC Analysis DataBox portal.

Additionally, we offer free lscfg conversion services, whereby we match FRU/PNs/CCINs 
to actual Feature Codes and MT-MD components.

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