A brief overview of RISC Analysis

RISC Analysis is a database of information, specific to IBM's Mid-Range Systems.

These systems fall under the IBM Trademark names of:

  RS/6000, pSeries, and Power Systems (AIX).
  AS/400, iSeries and System i (OS400 and i O/S)

The RISC Analysis db contains descriptions of Machines, Models and Feature Codes, along with PNs, FRUs and CCINs.

The majority of MT, MD and FC descriptions are based upon our own study of these systems, and as such, do not contain many of the errors which seem to be more and more common with IBM's published materials.

The same is true of our PN and FRU data. The vast majority of PNs and FRUs contained in RISC Analysis have never been published by IBM.  (Were it not for some of our more over-zealous and less value aware clients, most of them would not exist on the web either).

Since 1994, RISC Analysis has been distributed as a desktop software program for installation to Windows based computers.

Between 1997 and 2006, RISC Analysis was also available on-line. In fact, we were among the first thousand or so fully fledged user interactive databases to be on-line back then.

11 Years later, we are back on the web with RISC Analysis, and as before, we are using innovative techniques to deliver content. The new On-Line version is RISC Analysis DataBox.